Portraits of the Jersey Shore - Gregory Andrus photographer

My name is Gregory Andrus and I am the creator, photographer, interviewer and chief editor of Portraits of the Jersey Shore.

This page is a journey, both personal and inclusive, that seeks to understand the individuals who make up the fabric of our society. It is my quest to be a light of compassion and empathy through the portraits and stories shared here and on the Facebook page.

Coming from a past of alcoholism, depression and homelessness, I had a dramatic near-death experience, and a second chance at life.

From my brush with death, I had an awakening, and realized every person on this earth has a story. This epiphany eventually ed me to starting Portraits of the Jersey Shore. I began to have my eyes opened that is in our stories that we can find connections to each other, bridges to common bonds in a society that seems intent on divisions and walls being built.

When I am not out meeting people for this page, I can be found with my incredibly awesome wife of 16 years, Mary, and getting chased around by our two boys, Jacob, 8, and Elijah, 5. When I want to be inspired, I listen to The Clash or Josh Garrels,  watch Wes Anderson and Jim Jarmusch films, or study master photographers and painters, like Vivian Maier, and Vincent Van Gogh or Makoto Fujimura. Oh, and yes, I absolutely love going to the shore every chance I get.

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