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7 Most Impactful POTJS Stories of 2018

When I go out to any given shore town, I never know who I will meet, or what story will be shared. The “not knowing” is actually what drives my quest to find new people to meet. I fundamentally believe every person has a story, and that every story matters because every person matters. My… Read More

The Sacred Story of Mental Illness

The vast majority of people I interview are people I have never met before. I come across them in seemingly random encounters (though I do not believe anything in life is truly random). When they choose to open up to me, I believe deeply that each story shared is significant, unique…sacred. That each person who… Read More

3 Words that Can Change Your Life

Standing in front of me was the man I had been so incredibly hurt by. The man from whom I ran from for 10 years. The man I swore I would never talk to again…When I said those words, it was like fresh, pure waters washed my soul clean, and I felt a peace that I had not felt perhaps my entire life.

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Changing of the Guard

It has been a long, hot, very humid summer at the shore this year. Not that my boys and I minded at all. We basically lived at Seaside Park, with trips to Avon-by-the Sea, Asbury Park and Island Beach State Park beaches mixed in. Summer is by far my favorite season BECAUSE of the allure… Read More

What We Look at and How We See

For some, they felt I was glorifying a bad habit. What in reality I was doing was sharing a portrait of a young, struggling, anxious father who needed to feel loved, cared about, and embraced, regardless of his still-standing habits.

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Endings, Musings, and Journeys to New Beginnings

Fare-thee-well 2017, and welcome to 2018, Jersey Shore! Now, it most certainly can be debated if time is just man-made, or if it really even exists in the first place. I mean, did time exist before we created marks on the cavewalls to keep track, and now use calendars on our smartphones? One thing is certain:… Read More

630 Interviews, 30 Months and 1 Prevailing Vision

My name is Gregory, and I paint with light. I am also a documentarian-story-sharer of the hope, beauty and grace that is at work in this world. I meet people, interview them, and share their stories. I launched this pursuit in August 2015, have interviewed over 600 people, and yet in many ways I am… Read More