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What We Look at and How We See

For some, they felt I was glorifying a bad habit. What in reality I was doing was sharing a portrait of a young, struggling, anxious father who needed to feel loved, cared about, and embraced, regardless of his still-standing habits.

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Endings, Musings, and Journeys to New Beginnings

Fare-thee-well 2017, and welcome to 2018, Jersey Shore! Now, it most certainly can be debated¬†if time is just man-made, or if it really even exists in the first place. I mean, did time exist before we created marks on the cavewalls to keep track, and now use calendars on our smartphones? One thing is certain:… Read More

630 Interviews, 30 Months and 1 Prevailing Vision

My name is Gregory, and I paint with light. I am also a documentarian-story-sharer of the hope, beauty and grace that is at work in this world. I meet people, interview them, and share their stories. I launched this pursuit in August 2015, have interviewed over 600 people, and yet in many ways I am… Read More