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A Pastor to the Homeless

“This past year each county was mandated to come up with a place for the homeless to go to when there is a Blue Code given due to the weather. The police are responsible for getting the people out of the cold, but we are responsible for feeding them. “Many from the community are coming… Read More

Rutgers Grad Loses it All

“I am new to this really. Last night was my first night I ever spent in a shelter. I have an MBA from Rutgers. I owned a home in Pt. Pleasant. But I ended up in jail, and I lost it all. When I got out I had nowhere to go. It’s crazy. All I… Read More

Homesless Chef Serves the Homeless

“I used to live in Tent City in Lakewood, and I was the cook there for a long time. I cooked and served good food to everybody that lived there, from 80 to 90 people a day. I just liked doing it. I was homeless myself but it felt good to know that I could… Read More

Out of Prison Homeless But Happy Ending

“I just got here a few minutes ago. This is my first time here. I go to the Vineyard church in South Toms River on Sundays, and they connected me with someone who was able to get me here tonight. “I have been living in the woods in Bricktown since I was released from prison… Read More

Homeless and Finding a Calling

“Today is my first day here. I was already sleeping on floors around Lakewood, so I figured I might as well sleep on a floor where it is warm and safe. I have been homeless before, sleeping anywhere I could. God uses me with my homelessness. “While I was here today I got a vision… Read More

Helping New Friend

What I love about this page is I can shine the spotlight on people that do the simple kind things that when added up, can make the world a better place. Like this woman I met at the B&N in Brick yesterday. My 5-year-old son and I were in the back of the store by… Read More

Trying to Stay Clean

“I had a really troubled youth. My mom was murdered when I was young, and I was raised by my grandmother in Camden County. I fell in with the wrong crowd and got addicted to heroin when I was still young. I moved out here to get away form all of that, but then I… Read More

Reconnecting with Daughter

“What I am most looking forward to in 2018 is connecting with my 15-year-old daughter more. The biggest challenge for me having a teenage daughter is boyfriends, man. Boyfriends. Just helping her to choose. She is going to have her own mind, and I accept that. I can’t prevent her from dating boys, all I… Read More