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I love hearing from people, it’s what I do! If you have anything that you would like to share, or if you would like to have me come out to speak, or any other inquiries, by all means contact me here.

Portraits of the Jersey Shore
Gregory Andrus

2532 Hooper Ave
PO Box 4467
Brick, NJ 08723

Portraits of the Jersey Shore is thankful for the support from local businesses and organizations with their features, promotions and advertising. If you have a business, enterprise or organization that would like reach and reach tens of thousands of people and be featured on Portraits of the Jersey Shore’s various social media platforms, please contact Gregory Andrus, founder of Portraits of the Jersey Shore in the contact form below.

Gregory is also available for speaking engagements, sharing his experiences and insights from the hundreds of interviews with people he has met along the Jersey Shore towns. He also shares his own personal story of overcoming tragedy and how that has fueled his passion for learning other people’s stories, and how that has connected an entire region of followers of his page to his subjects.