The Celtic Knot

Portraits of the Jersey Shore The Celtic Knott Brick Township Restaurant Business Promotion

Siobhan: “Ian and I have been together since I was 19. I grew up in a very Irish family. Ian is very Scottish. My family was unhappy that we eloped. I think they have come around to accepting that I have married a Scotsman. They really wanted me to marry an Irish-Catholic, and have 8 babies. But the way my step-mom put it, at least he’s in the Celtic circle. And that’s why we call our restaurant the ‘Celtic Knot’, tying it all in together.”

Ian: “We agreed that if we are going to do this restaurant, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to strictly authentic Irish and Scottish food. Let’s face it, there is no longer immigration from Scotland and Ireland anymore. So now we get a lot more 2nd and 3rd generation people who remember things from their grandparents, and they want to experience the food they remember. We want to create food that echoes the traditions of Ireland and Scotland, but still find food that is inclusive enough that it will get people out of their comfort zones to have our food. Our most popular dish is our fish and chips. But it’s not British fish and chips. There is a special way we do the batter.”

Siobhan: “We really care about our community. On Sunday the 26th we are having a tea party to benefit the Hope Center. We will have complimentary tea, fish sandwiches and vegetable stew. We are asking people to bring unopened feminine hygiene products for the Hope Center, and we are going to have a raffle and prizes. And in the fall we are making blessing bags to serve Tent City.”

Ian: “We do catering and everything. The kids are a huge help with this restaurant too. They put stickers on all of our bread. Coirah, our middle one, loves to cook–anything to do with cooking she is right on top of. Our oldest, Saoirse, is a great greeter, and she loves helping with shopping. And Cormac keeps mom busy. It is hard running a restaurant as a family, but we are happy.”

~ The Celtic Knot (inside Cameron’s Scottish Market), 284 Brick Blvd., Brick, NJ

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