Miss Liberty Celebrity

“I got my start when I was very young. I walked into the L.A. Kings vs. the New York Rangers game, and I couldn’t find my seat. And the place kept getting louder and louder, everybody cheering for me, and then finally the announcer said, ‘Please take your seat.’ A press writer up in the media box couldn’t believe the commotion I caused, and he wrote about it in the paper. And then everything just took off for me after that. It was a domino effect.

“I have gotten standing ovations at Giants Stadium, Madison Square Garden. I was Miss Manhattan. I was a Beauty Queen. I was Miss Big Blue for the Giants, then Miss Jet Bombers for the Jets. I was a Playboy Bunny, I was Miss Liberty, I was Miss America USA. I have done it all. I have an official parade car, and a picture of me and the car was even in the Barnes & Noble calendar. And so many other things I have done, it’s really amazing. The stickers on this car don’t even cover all the things I have done.

“But I really didn’t have that great of a life growing up. My parents died when I was very very young, around 6. I moved around a lot to different relatives, friends, friends of relatives, and I had to learn to survive. I put myself through college. I am a graduate of The College of New Jersey. I did this on my own. My biggest regret is that I didn’t stay a school teacher. I loved all the fame, but I also really love kids. I made a lot of money from my appearances. But now, I am probably the poorest celebrity you would ever meet. One thing people don’t realize about me is I am very generous with my money.”

“I am getting older, but people don’t really seem to care. I still do a lot of things…I do high school and college graduations, I am on the Halloween parade, I do a lot with students. My biggest fans are high school and college students. I really don’t know why. They always cheer for me when I do their graduations.”

~ Seaside Park

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