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A Business - and a Marriage - Meant to Be

A Business and a Marriage – Meant To Be

Joe: “We both come from other marriages and have children from those previous marriages. The first time I met Patty was in 2001, when her car had broken down and was towed to the shop where I was. That was the first time I met her. Then life took its course, and I didn’t see her again for a long time.

“8 years had passed, and I was freshly coming off a divorce. I had custody of my kids, and my oldest daughter said, ‘Dad, it’s time for you to move on with your life.’ She decided to put me on these online dating sites. Patty saw my picture on one of them, and she ‘winked’ at me. When I clicked on it and I saw her picture, her eyes just sucked me in right then and there. And to this day they are as beautiful as the first day I met her. That was it for me. We eventually put the pieces of the puzzle together, and realized we had met before.”

Patty: “After we got married, I tragically lost my brother, then several months later we lost our home in Sandy, then several months later I lost my job, then several months later he needed major surgery. It was like a domino effect. He is such an optimistic person, but after he had his surgery, I saw the glimmer fade in him… He was starting to lose that spark of hope. So I said to him, “You know what? I believe in you so much. You are an incredible man. You are an incredible businessman. I have seen you at your best. People respect you, admire you, and you have always wanted your own shop. So why don’t we open one?’ Here we were, in our fifties, not exactly the prime time you think about opening up a shop.

“We took everything we had, and God brought us to this shop in this community in Point Pleasant. This community has completely embraced us, and we love it here. One of the things that we do every year during the holiday season, is we donate a free brake service to a family in need.

“We do that because the Christmas after I first met Joe, years before we started dating, I heard 101.5 looking for sponsors to get help for families in need. An older woman had called up the radio station. She said she had a nephew who needed a bed because he had four children and he did everything for his kids, but didn’t have money for a new bed. I was inspired by what I heard on the radio, so I went to the police station, wrote a check and told them I would like that money to be donated to a family they knew of that was in need, anonymously. I did that every Christmas since then.

“After I met Joe again, his aunt told me that he had a lot struggles in his life. She went on to tell me that one year she had even called 101.5 and asked for help to get him a new bed. And I could cry right now because that was the phone call I heard all those years ago, that inspired me to help others, and now I am married to that man. We will be married be nine years this September and we could not possibly be happier.”

~ PJ’s Family Auto Care, Pt Pleasant Borough

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