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“I used to live in Santa Cruz, California, and I used to work in a glass studio there, and that was what I loved to do, working with glass. but I had another job in the Silicon Valley, and I eventually got laid off when the bubble hit. I ended up moving back in with my parents with my tail between my legs, and broke. But they were really cool, and they were like, ‘What do you want to do?’ And I told them, ‘I want to start my own business as a glass artist.’

“And they were totally supportive and offered to help in any way that they could. And I just started crying and told them. ‘I am too scared to do this!’ But they told me, ‘We didn’t raise you to be scared.’ So I had some supplies, and I started making some things in their garage. I had better paying job in Pharmaceuticals but I just didn’t feel like I was living my true life.

“I was told by a friend to read a book called, ‘Ask, and it Shall Be Given.’ So I got the book, and there was one thing in particular that I gleaned from the book: If you really want something, you can’t want to have it. You have to pretend you have it. I was like ok, sounds like BS, but I am going to try it. So it is the middle of summer and it is hot. I am driving home, and I wanted a margarita or a frozen drink when I get home, but I do not have a blender. And I am like, ‘Ok, you can’t want it, you have to pretend you have it. So in my mind, I am imagining that I have a blender and the drink and it tastes awesome.

“I pull into any driveway, and my 70-year-old neighbor is walking up the driveway with a blender for me. Then at the same time my sister calls me, ‘I have this blender, do you want it?’ And I am freaking out! And the lightbulb came on. I totally saw that I have to pretend that I have the life I really wanted. As a result of that, I quit my job.

“I always wanted to have my own business as a glass artist, but I wasn’t sure which direction to go in. After I quit my job, I soon after had a friend who moved out of their retail location in LBI, and told me that it was available. I went by to look at it, and I knew it was the place for me. So I opened my own retail business doing what I loves, and this is my 11th year now. A lot of my work is inspired by nature, the ocean, and outdoors. I feel truly at home when I am at home in nature. We are open now through Christmas, then on weekends through March. I have a few full-time employees, including a full-time silversmith.

“And it is all from that book I read, to pretend you already have the life you want. That book changed my life completely. I have met so many cool people through these doors, and my work has been shipped all over the world. I am living the life I always wanted.”

~ Swell Colors, Long Beach Island
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